History of Magic Dust

Hello and thank you for visiting my web site. My name is Mark Grenough and I have been a meat manager for Bashas supermarkets here in Arizona for more than 30 years. About fifteen years ago I had the pleasure of working with a gentleman named Don Cook. From time to time we traveled to other stores to get new ideas. Several stores we visited were “dusting” steaks with some kind of spice. The managers we talked to said the response from customers who tried the dusted steaks was good. When we returned to our store we decided to give it a try. But one thing we noticed was the spice they were using was rather bland looking and tasteless and did not look appealing on the steaks. So I suggested creating a blend of our own spices that not only tasted great, but also looked enticing on the meat. After months of experimenting with different blends I came up with what we now call, Grenough’s Magic Dust.

Over the years our spice has grown in popularity, and we discovered that not only was it great on steaks, it also

Enhanced the flavor of chicken, pork, fish, stir-fry's, hot wings and much more! As the years passed by, my friends, family, and co-workers continued to request my spice for their personal use. On several occasions I was told to market my spice that was only used in the meat market at the time. My friends and family, and customers said they had never tasted such a unique blend of spice and fell in love with it! Two years later we were on the market and bringing my dry-rub to your kitchen table. We now ship it all over the world.

Two things have stuck with me over the years:

1) I could not believe how this spice enhanced the flavor of all meats that it was used on.

2) How friends, family members, children and customers have never grown tired of using my spice and of all the new and exciting ways to use it in their every day cooking and BBQ meals.

I am proud to present Grenough's Magic Dust™
"The Last Spice you will ever buy!"

Magic Dust™ is now available online at wholesale pricing; Arizona residents may purchase It at selective Bashas' food stores, but you won't find it in the spice isle. You will find it exclusively in your meat department. If you live outside of Arizona, watch for it coming soon to a store near you, for we are expanding quickly. If you would like to see it at your local retailer, simply give them my web address and I will arrange to have them start caring it.

If you wish to order Magic Dust on-line simply click on this web site below and order yours now...
Magic Dust is available in one case minimum orders, available in 6 or 12 packs for you and your friend’s or family’s personal use. Or if you own your own a business or restaurant it is available to you at wholesale for retail or in bulk to use in receipts to create a new and exciting dish. As CEO and founder of this unique spice I personally guarantee that if you are not 100% satisfied we will give you a full refund.

WARNING: When coated or used in abundance, it has a Cajun effect that everyone will love!!!!
Thank you for reading our history page, I hope you enjoy our Magic Dust, ™dry rub for years to come.

Mark Grenough, CEO and Founder